Motor manufacturers can do all the computer modeling and expert testing of new technologies they like, but nothing beats putting the latest tech in the hands of real-world drivers when it comes to identifying and ironing out annoying bugs. That's why from Tuesday, Volvo is giving its XC90 crossovers equipped with autonomous drive technology to Swedish families to test them out on public roads in and around the city of Gothenburg.

Test Drive

Forget seven-seat hand-built Range Rovers, 212mph Corvettes and stripped-back Porsche 911s aimed at racing purists, this year's LA Auto Show also featured its fair share of announcements and reveals for real car owners.

Travel routes

Between Nice and Menton the mountains plunge sharply down to the sea. Running along these heights are three famous routes: the Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche and the Basse Corniche. The first affords the most stunning views, climbing to 1,476ft/450m. The second offers beautiful vistas along the shore; while the third provides access to the coastal resorts.